Our Teachers

Angela Fallon - County Coach, Master Grade, 3rd Teng Chi -



Hello & thank you for visiting our website.   I've been practicing T'ai Chi since 1999 travelling all over the country for training courses.  I am a teacher with the East West Taoist Association and it is my greatest pleasure to practice and share this wonderful art.   


From 1993-98 I lived and worked in SE Asia teaching English & studying Mandarin. During this time, I was introduced to T'ai Chi, Taoist yoga & Taoist healing techniques.   However, I think my real passion for these arts started in childhood with programmes such as 'Monkey,' 'The Water Margin, 'Kung Fu' and 'Hong Kong Phooey!'

Over the years I have learned the benefits of practicing both T'ai Chi and Kung Fu and so I train in both.  I find the martial aspect brings a greater depth of understanding in T'ai Chi and a better balance of yin & yang.  I am also passionate about the health and meditation side so I try to bring these elements to my classes.  It's great to see students of all ages progress, but even better to see them enjoying themselves.   I hope you will give it a try.

Jim Anderson - Master Grade Teacher, 2nd Teng Chi - Edinburgh


I first got involved with Tai Chi back in late 2007, due to my employer arranging a 'taster session' as part of a 'Stress Awareness Week'.  In addition to having a stressful job, I also had, at that time, problems with my balance [having previously suffered a severe bout of 'Viral Labyrinthitis'].  I thought that Tai Chi might help me with this too, (I can confirm that it certainly did) and I then started regular classes.  

My first teacher was Denise Cunningham, and in 2011 Denise suggested that I should consider doing the 'Teachers Course.'  She advised me, that if I decided to do this that I should go and train with  Angela Fallon.


I joined Angela's classes at the start of 2012, and as well as attending these I have also trained on a regular basis with our Chief Instructor Master Howard Gibbon, qualifying as a teacher in July 2014.


It has been both a privilege and a 'challenge' to have made this journey, and to have trained with my teachers and fellow students, to all of whom, I give my thanks.

I can only recommend that anyone contemplating the taking up of our ' Lee Tai Chi' do so.  You will, in taking this step, meet a great bunch of friendly people, gain insight into yourself as a person and find that you take on a more relaxed and calm approach to life. You will with regular practice become both fitter and more supple, and learn an art which will without doubt enhance your life.


Jim teaches 2 classes per week and assists in various Edinburgh classes.

Carol Ford - Master Grade - CARNOUSTIE CLASSES

I ran my own employment agency for many years, after which my photographer husband and I opened a gallery and gift shop on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Running a hectic business caused me to suffer a great deal of stress and eventually I became quite exhausted. A neighbour informed me of a Tai Chi class in our area so I went along to see what it was all about. It was Lee Style Tai Chi and I took to it like a duck to water. 

Five years later, we sold the gallery and moved further north to Carnoustie where I began teaching classes.  My students are mostly retired men and women aged fifty plus.  I continued my training with Master Howard Gibbon and attained my Teacher's Qualification and eventually my Black Jacket.

Christine Dodson- Qualified Teacher, 1st Teng Chi, Edinburgh


I began my journey in Tai Chi with the thought of just doing something relaxing for myself.  I found it helped me through difficult times and with the encouragement of my teacher, I studied the Teacher Training Course.  Although due to time constraints I am not teaching my own class, I am co-teacher in the Monday afternoon class at Fairmilehead.  I love the experience and it is a joy to share this wonderful art and work with a lovely group of students.


Christine currently teaches a number of regular sessions for adults with health issues, organised through charities.  Christine also assists in Edinburgh classes.


Geraldine Jones - Master Grade Teacher 2nd Teng Chi - Edinburgh 


I trained to become a Lee Style Tai Chi teacher for two reasons:  First, through the training process, I gained more insight  into the Tai Chi Arts which I have become so committed to over the  past seven years. Second, I would like to pass on what my excellent  teachers have taught me so that others can get the many benefits from Tai Chi which I have discovered.

I began studying Tai Chi after multiple sports injuries and a back problem restricted other exercise choices. Little did I know at the time the intriguing scope and depth of Tai Chi. Had I discovered Tai Chi earlier, I could have progressed further in the Arts, saved
myself from all the injuries and enjoyed the fun of the friendly classes for more years.


Geraldine is not currently teaching a class but often assists teaching in the Edinburgh classes.

Kathleen Moore - Master Grade Teacher, 2nd Teng Chi - Edinburgh. 


Hi my name is Kathleen Moore and I am a Teacher  in the Lee Style T'ai Chi Ch'uan.  Based in Edinburgh although originally from Ireland I have always had an interest in Tai Chi. I enjoyed the relaxed yet focused movement it always seemed to embody in the books I read about it. So, many years later when I had the chance to take it up I did, albeit in a different style. Eventually though I joined Angela's class at St Serfs & so began my journey in Lee style T'ai Chi Ch'uan.

For me I find T'ai Chi to be very relaxing and meditative, which helps me to let go of the stresses and strains of modern life and concentrate on my inner development as well as my physical being.


When I undertook the Teacher Training Course I found a new depth to my T'ai Chi.  Having to understand how I apply the moves of the form in order to help me translate this understanding to help others has been a immensely enjoyable experience and has helped push my own abilities and understanding forward.  The enjoyment of seeing other people advance in their abilities is something very special.


Kathleen is not currently teaching a class but often assists at Inverleith St Serf's Class

Rea Cris - Master GradeTeacher, 2nd Teng Chi - Edinburgh 


I qualified as a T'ai Chi teacher in 2010 with East West Taoist Association.  I started practicing T'ai Chi in 2006 with Angela Fallon and continue to train with Angela and Howard Gibbon to develop my skills and understanding of the arts.   It is a pleasure and a humbling honour to be a T'ai Chi teacher with the chance to pass on this art.  Teaching T'ai Chi is about helping others help themselves.  With my classes I hope to offer my community a chance to improve their health & well-being.

I always wanted to learn T'ai Chi and have always had a passion and fascination for the East.  When I went to my first class it felt very natural and instinctive; as if I was coming home.  I knew I would be practicing T'ai Chi for the rest of my life.  In 2009 I got the chance to visit China and would love to return and hop over to Japan too. 


I grew up in Greece and came to the UK to study, and fell in love with Scotland (and I really don't mind the weather!).  I have a Masters degree in art history, but my other passion in life is the environment and I have the incredible luck to have a job I love.  I'm an administrator for an environmental organization and I also have an e.co.blog.  


Rea is not currently teaching a class but often assists at Inverleith St Serf's Class.


Jim Gillespie - Master Grade Teacher, 2nd Teng Chi - Edinburgh and Glasgow - Jim is not currently running a class. 


My life, on the back of a postage stamp, missing out many rude or boring bits!


My early days were in Glasgow where I took up martial arts in the 60’s. I ended up teaching some classes on a regular basis for my instructor (Tommy Morris, an inspiring teacher, organiser, and charismatic character).  I moved to London and worked as a mathematician, and started my own karate club teaching a lot of evening classes.  I drank too much - but gave it all up and did a grand tour for nearly a year (including Iran and Afghanistan in 75-76).  I went back to Glasgow at the end of the cash, got a job in IT, got hitched, raised family.  That took a while (very rewarding too). Time passed...Family up, single again, still in IT, though now as a contractor in Edinburgh.


A few years ago, some friends lured me into tai chi with Angela. I tried it – and I reckoned I knew a  good thing when I saw it. So here I am still. Workwise – I'm semi-retired and living back in Glasgow. Currently I’m getting in some quality time with my delightful grandson Lukas, who arrived last June; reorganising my seriously-neglected Glasgow flat, and doing a bit extra tai chi practice.


What’s next – I don’t know, but there’s a space now for something.