Our philosophy


Every blade of grass has its Angel

that bends over it and whispers,

"Grow, grow." - The Talmud


The essence of T'ai Chi is self development.   This little saying reminds us that we are being guided to grow as individuals and find our inner peace.  Along the way, the sense of calm we develop affects everyone around us, and so we begin to harmonise as one. 

We believe teaching T'ai Ch is a privilege and a responsibility.  As your teacher it is our aim to help you grow as an individual within these arts.


In the process, we want you to enjoy yourself.  We understand that learning is easier when you are relaxed and having fun so we aim to make your learning experience a positive one.   Our teacher's 'teach' rather than 'instruct', and we do this with patience and kindness.    We recognize that you are an individual and we try to find ways to help you learn in a way that suits you. 


You will find our classes are warm and welcoming.  There is a generosity of spirit from students as well as teachers, and new students often comment how helpful everyone is.


All styles of T'ai Chi are based on Taoist philosophy (sometimes written Daoist)  - this is not a religion but simply put, the principles of living in balance with the universe.  In our day to day lives, this means being kind to yourself as well as others and respecting this world we live in.  Much has been written on Taoism and the balance of yin and yang..too much for this little space.   If you are interested in finding out more, the Taoism wiki page is a good place to start.