In our ever busy lives it is often difficult to find time for peace and self care.  Reflection time is vital for our health and well-being, but most of us get to the end of the week and realise we have not nurtured ourselves in any way.  We have often spent all our waking moments, giving our energy away - through work, the daily routine or by prioritising others. It is not possible to continually withdraw from the 'bank of energy' without making some regular deposits. If we do, then we soon feel like we are running on empty and become unhappy with life, exhausted and overwhelmed.


These weekly guided meditation classes have been developed with self-care in mind.  I want you to be the happiest, most peaceful version of yourself, so you share a positive energy in all your interactions. 


Midweek Meditations come at the right point in the week so that you replenish your energy and set yourself up to enjoy the rest of the week.  It breaks the week up into manageable chunks.


Each session is relaxing and gentle with a different focus each week, such as; finding peace within, letting go of troubles or anxiety; bringing energy to areas of discomfort in the body; switching off a busy mind; self-healing, self-development; finding your soul purpose; energising at a cellular level, and many more.


We always start with a relaxation through the body before a guided meditation.


Below is a sample of a 'Mini Relaxation' (approx 11 minutes).


Sample Mini Relaxation Meditation (with music)
Approx 11 mins of guided meditation to relax the body. Background music:
"Ancient Winds" by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License
Sample Mini Relaxation Meditation with M[...]
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Join me for Midweek Meditation and give yourself a chance to restore your energy and find peace.  Classes will commence in April on Zoom, Wednesday evenings 7- 8pm, £10 per session.  Please email me to book: